Catsky Ai Crypto Token White Paper Cover

Catsky AI A Cat Meme and AI Tool provider for the Cardano Ecosystem

Catsky AI Bots and Meme Token on Cardano

What is Catsky AI?

Catsky AI is a Cat Themed Meme Token that is building AI Tools for the Cardano Ecosystem. Our goal is three fold: to encourage adoption of blockchain technology (Specifically Cardano), to innovate by leveraging the power of AI, and to have fun with Cat Memes and Pictures.

As the AI industry burst onto the scene in late 2022, significant advancements have continued on a weekly basis. Catsky AI as a project serves as a fun way for exposure to this revolutionary technology.

What are we focused on?

We are focused on utilizing all available artificial intelligence tools to build fun and useful tools for the Cardano ecosystem. We believe that those who do not utilize both artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will be at a significant disadvantage in the coming years.

Core Values

Blockchains rely on open, transparent records of historical data. Once a transaction occurs on a blockchain, it is available for all to see in perpetuity. Most AI technology (in its current form) relies on large data sets to train their models. Transactions on the blockchain can be monitored more effectively by Artificial Technology than traditional technology.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are technologies that improve efficiency and allow for transparency. Artificial Intelligence will take blockchain to the next level.

Cardano is the Premier Layer 1 Blockchain network with its technological dominance, decentralization, governance, and community. Cardano has a clear road map, is extensively researched, processes a large amount of transactions at a very low cost, and utilizes Proof of Stake technology.

Core Team

The Catsky Og Nft Min
Catsky CoFounder

An IRL finance nerd and marketing evangelist. And most importantly, a cat fanatic!

Macroman Catsky Co Founder Min
MacroMan CoFounder

An IRL Engineer who found a love in both Crypto and AI. Cardano community member since 2020 turned builder. Heading AI development.

Pixel Topcat Lead Artist

An IRL digital design expert who designed the CatNip NFTs

Mc Hosky Catsky Min
McHo$ky Web Engineer

An IRL web developer who can take any idea and make It a reality.

NumberOneHoskyFan Catsky PFP
Cardano Review Media Manager
An IRL Hard-core Cardano lover & Social Media influencer. Bringing creativity and social media savvy to the table! Let’s make some waves together. 🌊🙌😺

What are we actually building though?

Phase I: Token Infrastructure

At the beginning of the project, we implemented the basics of any serious Cardano token. This includes:

Minting Catsky

Policy ID: 9b426921a21f54600711da0be1a12b026703a9bd8eb9848d08c9d921
FingerPrint: asset18zpauqujk3cu9cypneh8t7l46wmrwa5klmslnm

$CATSKY was minted on April of 2023 following a tweet made by the largest pixel project one Cardano, focused on Husky Dogs. MacroMan minted the token and literally gave it out to whoever wanted some for some time. He created the liqudity pool on minswap and continued to add liquidity as the token increased in value and then burned the majority of the LP tokens in the Hosky Burn wallet.

Minswap LP Token:

Policy ID: e4214b7cce62ac6fbba385d164df48e157eae5863521b4b67ca71d86
FingerPrint: asset1y7gjngzxjz06p0zy3n67zeduyp9943u5763jrl
You can see the burned LP tokens here: addr1w93rz3ae8p3elzn0sqfu37hyzw0up98r2kgjjdmdq9wshmck40yr8 ($cardanoburn)
Or see who are the top holders here:

Burning the LP tokens; this action effectively removed his ownership of the majority of the tokens, locking them in the pool only to be accessible by buying and selling through the pool. Was this a good idea? TBD.

Catsky Ai Meme Token White Paper Verified On Minswap Min

Token Verification

Cardano Token RegistryView on Github
MinswapView on Minswap

Catbank Project Wallet

Catsky Ai Meme Token White Paper Yield Farming On Minswap Min

Minswap Yield Farm

President Catsky Make Memes Great Again Min

CatNip Mint

Starting in Epoch 420 you can join the Catsky Community and mint your own CatNip using ADA, $Catsky, or worthless CashGrabs.

Minting services by SickCity and art by Pixel_Topcat.

Catsk Cardano Catnip Nft Darth Catsky 74723.dims 800x800.anim 1
QmQSmBJgw2U4d5xk3iBkK8cgqL1hArHyNRBgwHPFqe9M4D 2
QmdS8RrwAdTtNTMQxGnWnxDimbVTiPdzyBFvejLPYZcxGG 51247.dims 800x800.anim 1
QmSVBoS3kcuUmHfE2i34JhMWJEMrMK6hzd1LVjWKvhVaDZ 1

CatNip NFT Traits & Rarities

The CatNip NFTs were designed to provide enjoyment and utility to holders as the project grows. CatNips will be required to hold for access to the AI tools on our platform and for access to certain areas of the Discord Community.

  • Total Supply: 1069 NFTs
  • 971 Regular, 98 Specials
  • 3 Payment Methods (ADA, CATSKY, or CashGrab NFTs)
  • Sale began in Epoch 420
Catsky Og Nft Nftfuckup

Catsky OG NFT

The OG Catsky NFT collection is a limited supply of 155 $Catsky OG NFTs that were airdropped to $Catsky token holders on May 23, 2023. If you were among the courageous cats holding $Catsky on May 23, congratulations your an OG!

OG Catsky NFTs will enjoy the utility of CatNip NFTs and more…

Phase II: Early Devlopment

After getting the majority of the infrastructure set in place, We transitioned to building the main goal and long term vision of the project. Developing AI Tools and other valuable resources.

To this point we have designed and released the following:

Meme Generator v1

While this is not an AI tool, the Meme Generator offers a way for community members to support the project with the fun, free, and simple creation of Catsky (or other) Memes.
Catsky Cardano Ai Project Meme Generator Min
Catsky Cardano Ai Project Meme Generator Build A Meme
Catsky Cardano Ai Project Meme Generator Build A Meme 3 Min
Catsky Cardano Ai Project Meme Generator Build A Meme Min
Catsky Meme Generator V2

Meme Generator v2 Integrating AI text generation for better and faster meming.

The Catsky team has created a AI meme generator. It’s a straightforward tool aimed at adding a touch of humor to sharing our crypto’s message. It’s being designed to be user-friendly, without any unnecessary complexity. Our goal is to offer a simple yet effective way for our community to create and engage with content that resonates with the Catsky brand.

As this tool is still in the pipeline, we’re focused on getting it right — ensuring it aligns with our users’ needs and preferences. We’re committed to providing updates as we hit milestones and will be inviting our community to give us their take on its functionality and design.

Stay connected with us for forthcoming details and opportunities to test and contribute feedback. We value the input that helps us refine and perfect the tool to better serve you.

Catsky Meme Generator V2 With Ai Integration

Quick Think AI Powered by Catsky


@QuickThinkAI on Twitter

Introducing @QuickThinkAI, a unique AI-powered bot designed to enhance your experience on Twitter. Users can tag @QuickThinkAI on any post and ask it any question. The bot will reply with the answer to your questions as well as a picture. The use cases are significant. The bot has been used to “Fact Check”, “Explain”, “Translate”, “Debate”, “Roast” and more. This bot will be expanded on in the future. The bot is powered by GPT 4-with vision and the X API. Follow the steps below to meet the Quick Think AI:

  • Comment on any X Post
  • Tag @QuickThinkAI
  • Anxiously wait 5 minutes for the Robot to reply
  • View the response
Catsky Quickthinkai Example
Catsky Ai Bot Platform Home Page

Catsky AI Alpha 

A large focus of Catsky AI is the in-house AI tool platform in development, Catsky Alpha.

In order to access the Catsky AI Tool Platform you must hold Catsky or a Catnip NFT. In the future, a small payment of Catsky will be required to access. Further details as to how much of what assets are required will be detailed in the future. It is safe to say, with the more powerful Tools, more Catsky AI assets will be required to be held or spent.

The basic functionality have been completed and we are finalizing the layout and a few other features. This currently includes three tools in development with plans to expand the offering significantly. The current tools created are below:

Catsky Ai Bot Undervalued Dashboard

Undervalued NFT Screener Bot

We created an AI bot that scans Cardano’s top NFT exchange, JPG Store, for any NFT you choose. It automatically searches through all NFTs in your chosen collection, analyzes the collections traits, and determines which NFTs (That are listed for sale) are undervalued relative to other NFT’s with the same traits.

Catsky Ai Bot Platform Cswap Arbitrage Bot Min

CSWAP Arbitrage Bot

This bot is designed to identify opportunities where a current NFT collection floor price is below the current CSWAP sale price, including fees. Thus identifying arbitrage opportunities where you could buy off the floor on and sell for profit on the CSWAP marketplace.

Catsky Ai Collection Offering Min

Collection Offering Opportunities

This bot is designed to help you find collection offering opportunities, looking for collections where recent accepted offers are significantly below current floor enough so that if accepted it could be immediately sold into the CSWAP market place for a profit.
Catsky Ai Bots Min

More Bots

As we continue to develop our bot platform we will continue to look for opportunities where bots can benefit our users both in and out of the crypto space. If you have an idea for a bot we would love to hear from you, drop us a line in discord.
Catsky Designs Etsy Store Home Page

Catsky Designs

Beginning as an experiment to explore the use of AI in creating innovative products, both physical and digital, Catsky Designs was born. With the aid of AI and various tools, we are now crafting a range of digital and physical products available for sale on Etsy.

A store of physical and digital products created with generative AI and other online tools. This store has generated sales, and more importantly, will be used to engage the community. AI Art can be submitted for inclusion in the store.

  • 30% of store profits used for $Catsky canning
  • 30% of store profits deposited in the treasury
  • 40% of store profits for operations

Catsky Design Details and Where We’re Heading

The launch of our Etsy store is just the beginning. As our ecosystem grows, so to will our product creation capabilities and reach.

Community Sourced Cat Designs

We want to harness the power of AI and the Catsky community through the development of resources, tutorials, and videos that teaches users how to utilize AI tools to create cat themed designs along with a process for submitting them to Catsky.

Turn your cat creations into $Catsky

D2C AI Assisted Product Creation Bots

Were in the early stages of developing a bot that will assist consumers in generating a one of a kind unique design for apparel and then allow them to have it printed on a piece of apparel or accessoy like a t-shirt or a phone case, and then have it printed and shipped to their door.

Like an AI personal clothing designer

Community Sourced Promotion

We want to harness the power of our community to promote cool cat apparel and accessories around the world. With a portion of store profits going directly into “Canning” meaning that every store sale will result in liquidity being locked forever.

Promoting Catsky Designs = Increased LP burn

Referral Link Promotion System

Etsy is just the beginning for Catsky designs. As our brand grows, selling cat-themed designs around the world we will transition to a self-hosted store with plans for a referral link system that will allow you to get $Catsky deposited directly into your wallet when users purchase items using your referral link. More details to come.

Share custom Catsky product links and get $Catsky

Catsky Ai Crypto Token Merch Store

Catsky Merch Store

The merch store provides incredible Catsky AI merch and income for the project, a large percentage of the proceeds are deposited to the Catbank (Treasury) for future development.

Discord Bots by Catsky

Purr Issac Meowton

AI Powered Discord Bots

He uses Open Ai’s GPT API, with a twist. Rather than receiving comments like “if you need anything further, I’m here to help, he might say “Eat Sand, Degen” after completing the conversion. He’s a complete Catsky Degen. Hop in a say Hello to Him.

Function calling allows us to connect live data sources to the Bot. We are laser focused on connecting Purr Issac-Meowton to the Cardano blockchain through the Cardanoscan API!

The Significance of this should speak for itself.

Purr Issac Chat Openai Chat Assistant Code Min
Purr Issac Chat Openai Chat Assistant Min
Purr Issac Chat Bot Chat Min

Other Minor Plans and Notes:

The project has no relation with any other Cardano Tokens.

We are currently working on CMC as well as Coin Gecko inclusion.

Providing Liquidity to Other Dex’s (In addition to Minswap) is in the works.

Updates will be communicated via Discord and our Social Media platforms.

Let’s Recap

Our mission is to highlight the potential of combining Cardano and Artificial Intelligence while onboarding Cardano users and creating fun and powerful tools.

The infrastructure is in place, the team is motivated and the community is growing.

The only question now is: Will you be along for the Ride?