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CatskyAI Driving practical AI applications in Web3

CatskyAI is a community of passionate Web3 and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts working together to build the future.

Catsky Partners & Integrations

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NEW A New Dawn in NFT Creation Imagine, Generate, Mint

Catsky introduces Infinity Mint, a groundbreaking NFT minting service on the Cardano blockchain, blending AI and blockchain technology for a new art creation era. This innovative platform promises to redefine digital artistry with features like AI-driven art generation, automatic naming, and extensive community support.

Other Catsky Work Streams

What Some Are Saying About $CATSKY

Catsky Presidential Nft
“Catsky Is Here To Make Meme Coins Great Again, Cats 2024!”
President Catsky
“I am altering the rug. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”
Darth Catsky
“I’m a bee-liever in $CATSKY and what they hive going on.”
Busy Bee Catsky

SOCIAL Follow @Catskycrypto, stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date with the latest new and information about Catsky by following us on Twitter, joining our discord, and bookmarking our blog.

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Provide Liquidity and Earn $Catsky Yield farming available on Minswap

Stake your ADA/$Catsky LP tokens on Minswap and yield farm $Catsky token

  1. Add liquidity for the ADA/$Catsky pair on Minswap.

  2. Stake your ADA/$Catsky LP tokens in the Minswap Farm for ADA/$Catsky.

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Win $CATSKY Test your luck and get $CATSKY

Send 3 ADA and win 500,000 up to 15,000,000 $CATSKY

The Catsky Meme Team

The Catsky Og Nft Min
Catsky CoFounder, Coms, & Project Managoor
MacroMan Catsky Min
MacroMan CoFounder & Head Project Tech Innovatoor
Pixel Topcat Lead Artist and Project Managoor
Mc Hosky Catsky Min
McHo$ky Lead Web2 Utility and Website Developoor
NumberOneHoskyFan Catsky PFP
Cardano Review Media Manager

$CATSKY Frequently Asked Questions

You have some questions about $Catsky and we have some answers for you.

You can exchange ADA for $Catsky token on the Minswap.

$Catsky CatNips can be minted with ADA, $Catsky, or worthless $Hosky Cash Grabs. Mint details can be found on the CatNip Mint page.

You can find $Catsky OG NFT on

Check out the Catsky AI Meme Token White Paper to learn more about this AI Meme token project on Cardano and where we’re headed

On April 24, 2023 MacroMan minted 999,999,999,997 completely worthless $Catsky tokens and from there he was just giving them out to any idiot who wanted them. Learn more about the Catsky tokenomics here.