OUR STORY How $Catsky was born Ever wondered how a token with no presale, no hype, and no funding is making waves 🌊 in the Cardano world? Sit tight, degen, and let me take you on our journey … so far!

A now deleted tweet was sent out into the world introducing the newest token; a “Pathetically Worthless Husky Token”, named $Catsky. The tweet was seen by many but caught the attention of @ThaMacroman

Being a certified Degen, a thought popped into his mind. “Why can’t $Catsky actually become reality” “could we create $Catsky on Minswap And build a community?…”

In a brave move, @ThaMacroman stepped up and became the creator. He was quite proud of his degen decisiveness! And promptly threw up a video proving his claim on Twitter. If you have nothing better to do with your time, go check it out.

After the brutal sell-off, I @Catsky took the leap and threw some ADA at the project on Minswap. “A Meme token based on a Meme token, genius I thought.” The slippage was brutal, but the potential was strong…

After that, we went all in. We have worked to become verified on Minswap. We registerd a Twitter handle, @catskycrypto. And we created the catsky.io domain.

After some initial success, @Bave, hit us up. He wanted to join the growing team, and we knew his knowledge and experience would prove invaluable. Once we saw @Bave was more than just a hype guy, we handed him the reins to the discord.

The team has solidified, and we are grinding every day to improve. Yeah, we’re a “memecoin,” but we’re no fools. We’ve got big plans. Adding utility to the token, farming, pooling, NFTs, drops, AI – you name it, we’re on it.

In line with Cardano, we believe in developing and continue to strive for innovation and bringing value to the ecosystem. We made goodcon oyr first promise and airdropped our first 155 NFTs to the original $Catsky crew. Admittedly we had a few hurdles to overcome, but as a team, we pulled it off.

So here’s the deal. We’re in this for the ride, no promises, no financial advice, but if you’re up for some cat memes, discord shenanigans, and one hell of a crypto adventure, join us.

Let’s keep grinding and hustle for some #Catcash, but above all have fun!

Cheers, The $CATSKY Team
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OUR VISION The Future of $Catsky Token

The vision of the Catsky project hinges on 3 things:

1. Innovate by creating Artificial Intelligence Tools and Combining them with Crypto Technology and WhiteLabel our AI Tools to other projects

2. Create methods to leverage the community to create sustainable income sources and growth

3. Bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 and onboard Catlovers to Cardano

Using new technology we can create tools that create true utility for the Cardano Ecosystem and drive value to our project. We have a ton of ideas to share with the community and encourage others to get directly involved in any way they can using the skills they have.

ABOUT US Meet the $Catsky Meme Team

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Catsky CoFounder, Coms, & Project Managoor
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MacroMan CoFounder & Head Project Tech Innovatoor
Pixel Topcat Lead Artist and Project Managoor
Mc Hosky Catsky Min
McHo$ky Lead Web2 Utility and Website Developoor
NumberOneHoskyFan Catsky PFP
Cardano Review Media Manager