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$CATSKY DESIGNS What is Catsky Designs?

We’re building community of cat loving creators to help us build and promote our Etsy store.

Using the power of AI were generating designs for cat t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, digital images and more, and were selling them on Etsy with your help.


Follow our step-by-step guides to create cat inspired digital creations or follow your own creative path, just make sure to keep it catty!


Reach out to us on discord and submit your cat inspired digital creations to be a part of the Catsky Designs Digital Collection and considered for sale in our Etsy Store.


We’re going to be pulling the best digital assets from the Catsky Collection and slinging them to Web 2.0 folks over in our Etsy Store in both digital and physical products.


Not the creative type? Not a problem, we still need your help to promote these awesome cat products across social media and drive sales in our Etsy store. More sales = More locked LP.

Catsky Designs Etsy Store Home Page

Catsky Designs on Etsy

Beginning as an experiment to explore the use of AI in creating innovative products, both physical and digital, Catsky Designs was born. With the aid of AI and various tools, we are now crafting a range of digital and physical products available for sale on Etsy.

A store of physical and digital products created with generative AI and other online tools. This store has generated sales, and more importantly, will be used to engage the community. AI Art can be submitted for inclusion in the store.

  • 30% of store profits used for $Catsky canning
  • 30% of store profits deposited in the treasury
  • 40% of store profits for operations