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Twitter Bots by Catsky

Catsky Ai Twitter Bot Min

@CatskyCatBot on Twitter

Introducing @CatskyCatBot, a unique AI-powered bot designed to enhance the experience on Twitter for the Catsky, Cardano, and AI communities. By tagging @CatskyCatBot in a tweet, users can receive an automated response within 5 minutes that includes both a comment and a relevant image. This bot is equipped with GPT-4 with Vision capabilities, enabling it to understand and analyze images on the platform for more contextually aware interactions. Its responses are fully automated, requiring no human intervention, showcasing the advanced integration of AI in social media interactions.

Follow the steps below to meet the Catbot:

  • Comment on any X Post
  • Tag @CatskyCatBot
  • Anxiously wait 5 minutes for the Robot to reply
  • View the response
Catsky Catbot Response Example Two Min
Catsky Catbot Response Example One Min
Catsky Catbot Response Example Three Min

Discord Bots by Catsky

Purr Issac Meowton

AI Powered Discord Bots

He uses Open Ai’s GPT API, with a twist. Rather than receiving comments like “if you need anything further, I’m here to help, he might say “Eat Sand, Degen” after completing the conversion. He’s a complete Catsky Degen. Hop in a say Hello to Him.

Function calling allows us to connect live data sources to the Bot. We are laser focused on connecting Purr Issac-Meowton to the Cardano blockchain through the Cardanoscan API!

The Significance of this should speak for itself.

Purr Issac Chat Openai Chat Assistant Code Min
Purr Issac Chat Openai Chat Assistant Min
Purr Issac Chat Bot Chat Min
Catsky Ai Bot Platform Home Page

Catsky AI Tool Platform

Our largest focus and the meat and potatoes of Catsky AI is the in-house AI tool platform we have been developing.

In order to access the Catsky AI Tool Platform you must hold Catsky or a Catnip NFT. In the future, a small payment of Catsky will be required to access. Further details as to how much of what assets are required will be detailed in the future. It is safe to say, with the more powerful Tools, more Catsky AI assets will be required to be held or spent.

The basic functionality have been completed and we are finalizing the layout and a few other features. This currently includes three tools in development with plans to expand the offering significantly. The current tools created are below:

Catsky Ai Bot Undervalued Dashboard

Undervalued NFT Screener Bot

We created an AI bot that scans Cardano’s top NFT exchange, JPG Store, for any NFT you choose. It automatically searches through all NFTs in your chosen collection, analyzes the collections traits, and determines which NFTs (That are listed for sale) are undervalued relative to other NFT’s with the same traits.

Catsky Ai Bot Platform Cswap Arbitrage Bot Min

CSWAP Arbitrage Bot

This bot is designed to identify opportunities where a current NFT collection floor price is below the current CSWAP sale price, including fees. Thus identifying arbitrage opportunities where you could buy off the floor on and sell for profit on the CSWAP marketplace.

Catsky Ai Collection Offering Min

Collection Offering Opportunities

This bot is designed to help you find collection offering opportunities, looking for collections where recent accepted offers are significantly below current floor enough so that if accepted it could be immediately sold into the CSWAP market place for a profit.
Catsky Ai Bots Min

More Bots

As we continue to develop our bot platform we will continue to look for opportunities where bots can benefit our users both in and out of the crypto space. If you have an idea for a bot we would love to hear from you, drop us a line in discord.
MacroMan Catsky Min

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