BEEP BOOP, BEEP BOOP AI Chat Bots trained on your data

Provide your online community with critical information in a unique and engaging way.


Engage with website visitors 24/7

AI Chatbots provide a unique way to engage with your community and website visitors.
  • Increased User Engagement
  • Answer Questions 24/7
  • Multilingual support
  • Cost-effective support

DATA Custom Data Set

Automatically train your bot based on your entire website, specific links, and/or uploaded data.

ENGAGING Custom Personality

Keep your visitors engaged by give your bot some personality with a custom persona.

GAMES Bot Easter Eggs

Use AI Bots as a unique way to hide and reveal special information for giveaways and other special events.

DEPLOY Easy Website Integration

After your bot has been trained it can be deployed by adding a simple JS snippet to your website.


Meet Darth Catsky


Meet Arnold Catskynator


CATSKY AI SERVICES Need a custom chat bot for your website?

Reach out to MacroMan on Twitter or Discord.