Catsky WorkStreams

WorkStreams are the Catsky version of a “RoadMap”. No dates, no expectations – just whats happening

Active WorkStreams

Find out what the Catsky team is currently purr-suing.

Etsy Store + Community Involvement Involve and Enrich our growing community

A community-furnished Etsy store selling Catsky community created products, with revenue used for management, token operations, and rewards.

  • Create digital and physical Catsky and Non Catsky products and sell online
  • Must hold OG or CatNips to participate
  • Digital asset creation guides to enable community members to create assets and contribute.
  • Access to digital assets, including those listed for sale on Etsy, for $Catsky, CatNip, & OG holders
  • Reward community members with $Catsky for items that get selected for the Etsy store.
  • 50% Sales to cover taxes incurred and store management
  • 25% Sales to Buy back Catsky Tokens, Zap to LP, and “Canned” in $CardanoBurn
  • 25% Sales to CatBank and to reward the community
  • Community Involvement
  • Creating Products (Generative, Non Generative, Open to all options & ideas)
  • Marketing the Store (Share to traditional, Non Crypto Audiences)
  • Innovate with new product types and categories, open to all options and ideas)

Website & Discord AI ChatBot Service Provide valuable and innovative products to the crypto space.

An AI chatbot service for crypto projects, involving community in development. Revenues are used for token operations and community rewards.

  • Create Discord and Website AI ChatBots trained on the projects Data from their website or documents

  • Iterate on the chatbot design and find novel use cases, improve product offering

  • Charge Monthly 300-500 ADA as a fee for using & retraining chatbots

  • Require projects to hold 1Billion $Catsky and 5 CatNips

  • Allow the community to learn and take part in developing ChatBots and other AI Tools

  • 50% Sales to Buy back Catsky Tokens, Zap to LP, and Burn in $CardanoBurn

  • 50% Sales to CatBank and to reward the community

CMC and CoinGecko Applications Make it easier for people to find Catsky & increase project Legitimacy

  • Complete Long applications for CMC and CoinGecko
  • Take Catsky to the next level

Minswap Yield Farm Grow our liquidity to attract whales and reduce slippage

  • Reward Liquidity Providers with Catsky Tokens
  • Aim for 30-50% APY Initially
  • Min Rewards added to pool once the pool reaches<100,000ADA Liquidity for a period of time

Future WorkStreams

Nothing we list here is guaranteed to be pursued, but here is some other stuff were looking into.

Expand to other DEXs Expand $CATSKY throughout the ecosystem

  • Create digital and physical Catsky and Non Catsky products and sell online
  • Community Vote on DEX Choice?
  • Explore other pairings (Hosky/Catsky…)

Catsky and CatNip Staking? Reward users for holding and reduce selling pressure

  • Stake Catsky Tokens with a boost by staking CatNips

  • Ideally a simple, non custodial staking solution (tokens stay in Hodler Wallet)

  • CatNip Staking for % of profits from Catsky workstreams like AI Chatbots, Etsy, & more. (We on viability of this – yet. But would love to do this or something similar.)

Cat Facts? We know you want to send people cat facts and want to make that a reality

  • A group of cats is called a clowder.

  • The world’s largest cat measured 48.5 inches long.
  • Cats have five toes on their front paws and four on their back paws.

Looking to get involved with Catsky?

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Introduce yourself in the Catsky discord and let us know you what your interested in.