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SVG ASSET CREATION GUIDE AI Image Generation & SVG Conversion Guide

Step-by-step instructions for utilizing Midjourney and other key image processing tools to effectively create high quality SVG graphics.

GUIDE OVERVIEW Mastering SVG Image and Icon Set Creation

Discover the power of SVG graphics with Midjourney and other tools. This guide provides a walkthrough for creating structured SVG bundles and cohesive icon sets. Whether you’re starting small or aiming big, this comprehensive guide ensures an efficient and confident workflow in your SVG graphic creation journey.

Some Example Creations

Explore some example assets created by Catsky Community members using this technique and discover what is possible.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the latest version of Midjourney for svg starter image creation

  • Use arguments like –no background or –no text to get cleaner images

  • The better your starting image, the better your outcome

  • So use Midjourney explore to quickly find quality starting prompts

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